Digital Caricature Australia – for Business use, Gift, Memorial, Website, Avatar, Facebook, Twitter and more!

Living image! Open to utilisation in various ways.

Digital Caricature
Our digital caricature is handwritten properly on the computer from your digital photograph. Therefore our caricature can be drawn more precise than the caricature which is handwritten on the paper.
Furthermore, as a form of computer graphic, it can be enlarged or decreased its size without any decay of the quality.

Because of its digital nature, it is open to utilisation in various ways, such as an AVATAR on social networking (Twitter, Facebook, Mixi, etc.), PRINTING PRODUCTS (Business card, Flyer, Greeting card, Car stickers, Sign, Gift for special occasions, etc.), WEBSITE and more!
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At first, it is need to be chosen from the following types.
We have 2 types of body which is attached to your facial caricature (the whole body or the waist up). While the face itself with the waist up can be bigger than the face with whole body, the choice of whole body can be enjoyed the costume customisation as an optional.
Also, we have 2 tastes (Animated cartoon taste or Real taste) to choose from.

you can choice our caricature

Free costume can be chosen from our free template as below. Alternatively, your own Uniform or favorite costume can be drawn if you submitted the digital images to us at extra cost.
free template

you can customised your caricature
For attracting your target, it is a good idea to have your special belongings which helps being recognised easily what is your job. Please feel free to contact us for any queries or quotations. The price varies by the work hours for the artwork.

price list