Digital Caricature Australia – for Business use, Gift, Memorial, Website, Avatar, Facebook, Twitter and more!

Living image! Open to utilisation in various ways.

C.A-Style is not only good at Caricature for human but also a pet, belongings, background and so on. As long as we receive the clear digital photograph in high resolution, we can draw any animals and/or anything. It can be used for your business card, greeting card, website, avatar for social networking, welcome board for your wedding reception, gift to your parents and more.

A standard human caricature is $89+GST(facial caricature only). For animal caricatures, the price for one animal (including whole body drawings) is $109+GST.

The delivery format for our standard order (prices above) are in digital image(png & jpg) / size 500px x 500px, to be delivered via email.
The price may be increased if you require bigger sized caricature and/or in different format.

If you use it for your website, greeting card, business card, flyer, avatar for social networking(facebook etc.), then standard order (digital image(png & jpg) / size 500px x500px) is right for you.

If you would like to use the caricature in bigger size such as posters and/or car stickers, then the delivery format should be much bigger than standard, and the price may be increased accordingly.

Please note that we draw a caricature properly according to the submitted digital photograph. We cannot change the expressions anyway (eg. angry face to smiley face). Therefore it is important that you submit the digital images in your favorite expressions, costumes and poses(whole body drawings at extra cost).
If you want us to draw a caricature which is different from the submitted photograph, that is more likely treated as a cartoon character or illustration drawings and can be quoted separately.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or free quote!